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LISTEN NOW: Empier debuts "Talk All You Want"

Empier dropped its debut single "Talk All You Want" today and it's fire!

The track is a nice compilation of artists who have grown together for more than 8 years. Empier founder and CEO Docman says his world experiences have changed him and his presentation as an artist, and it is evident in his recent work.

"After seeing the world and everything in it," he said, "I was offered a whole platter of new things to pick from."

According to Docman, artists TBronz and JK have shown notable improvements in their vocals and overall delivery. Like each member of the group, they have matured tremendously and it's obvious in the upcoming "Studio X" mixtape.

Check out highlights from TBronz and Babyboy's performance at Houston's House of Blues on Oct. 9 and drop us comments on "Talk All You Want" @EmpierENT!

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