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Meetchie is just one of the many names she is known as. LaMetria Sewell is  a Louisiana native where she grew up , but now resides in the Dallas/Houston area pursuing a career in music. Singing came as a natural as a young girl and now she constantly remains in and out of the studio.Recently, she joined the group Empier Entertainment along with several other members who share the same passion as she does for what they love.It was in 2012 when she and the group discovered not only could she sing, but also had impeccable writing talents,which lead into rapping.

     In an era where people mostly focus on the beats and not the lyrics, she introduces a sound that some have described as a soulful hip hop.Meetchie is 21 with a passion for music and anything that deals with it.

     She is currently working on her first solo EP titled "3:AM" which offers a taste of what everyone is thinking at the time stated.There aren't too many females in the game that can offer the talent and potency as Meetchie can, setting her apart from the rest. Be on the lookout for loads of new, great, energetic music! 



On My Ten
Low Key


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