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Jekale “JK” Williams was born on April 16th, 1994 in Corpus Christi, Texas. His influences in music at the age of six. He moved from Corpus Christi to Houston, Texas in 1999. The move was rough due to JK having no family in Houston; all he had was his mothers and two sisters. Growing up with all women, Jekale was the man of the house. Being propelled into such a big role at such a young age made JK different from most children.


Before music was dominant in his life, JK had heavy influences by drugs and gangbanging. Even though he was never into drugs and gangbanging, these elements were constantly around him. JK grew up idolizing football players and track stars. Struggling on the Southside of Houston, Texas, he encountered numerous amount of dangerous. At the tender age of 14, JK ran away from home as the pressures of life were too much to handle. He moved away to his sister’s house to escape and eventually ended up finding himself. JK got his name from playing football in middle school. His speed and talent earned him the nickname.


In 2008, JK attended Thompson Intermediate School. He became friends with Docman, Babyboy, and TBronz, and joined their group called JHC (Junior Hustle Click). The group was dedicated to making money and music. The group became infamous for making gangster rap and Hip Hop. In 2011, Junior Hustle Click changed their name to Empier Entertainment. Some of JK’s musical Influences range are Z ro, Ne Yo, Music Soulchild, and Lyfe Jenninings.


On October 9th, 2013, JK had his first son. After constant struggles with his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend, she dropped the news to him. Racked in the mind by the sudden news, JK found himself again being put in a spot the average person his age wouldn’t be in. Armed with a new drive, Williams’s main objective is to provide a better life for his son.


In 2015, JK released his debut EP, Mind of Never. Mind of Never is a 7-track EP pertaining to events surrounding the birth of his son. The lead single, Leave Me Alone, video has the most views by any Empier artist (10,700 Views). JK is gearing up for the release of his debut album G.R.E.Y. in May.



The Integrity
What We Do
Pull Up On Me
Mo Bread
Sometimes You Gotta
Leave Me Alone


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