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Glen "Babyboy" Anderson was born on December 22, 1992 in Houston, TX. Life in Houston for Babyboy was almost normal. Babyboy was the youngest of three. Coming up on Scarsdale and Sageglen, Anderson faced many life changing situations. One event that changed his life was the fallout with his ex-girlfriend Bridgette.


After a year with Bridgette, Babyboy decided to call it quits. The fire behind the break-up fueled him to record his debut mixtape Babyboy’s Birth in the fall of 2010. The mixtape highlighted his experience with love for the first time.


In the past, people were saying that he had a baby face. Sticking with this constant notion, Anderson decided to start calling himself Babyboy. Glen didn’t always start out as a rapper. There were many influences in his life; one of those influences was JV. JV, who also did music in the early 2000's, was well on his way to superstardom. After failed attempts at making headway into the industry, JV decided to let music go. He then started to mentor Babyboy.


Anderson has a southern swag with lyrical content of an artist from New York. This style gained the attention of Empier Entertainment CEO, Docman in 2007. Babyboy and Docman started collaborating on various songs, gaining notoriety. In 2013 Babyboy signed a deal with Empier Entertainment. Since then, Babyboy has appeared on numerous Empier ENT compilations and mixtapes.


In 2015, Babyboy, along with Empier ENT, went on a 5 city tour. The shows they went to were in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta and California.


Babyboy is currently working on his debut album. The album is expected to feature Docman, JK, Propain, and more.



Too Late
Turn Around
Vanity (With Docman)
More Than Music
Mrs. Big Dreams
Talk Shit
You Like That


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