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Empier Entertainment was founded by Maurice “Docman” Robinson in 2007. Originally the label was a groups named Junior Hustle Click, or JHC. Influenced by the hustler lifestyle back in Queens, NY, Docman initially ran the group as small time hustlers. Selling anything from candy to drugs, the group did what they had to do to make money.


The groups original members were Docman (Doc was originally his name), TBronz (T-Brons was originally his name), Babyboy, and JK. At the time TBronz was the only person that was pursuing a career in music. At the time when the group was just hanging out, TBronz was working on his underground debut Weapons of Class. TBronz let Docman hear it and it re-sparked the interest Doc had before he left New York. Docman then decided to start recording his underground debut The Best.


In 2009, JHC was growing. The group then had 20 members. As the years went by, many people have come and gone through the doors of JHC. Deep T, once a solid member of JHC, had a fall out with TBronz, removing him from the group. Deep T was featured on two underground mixtapes with the group, and has recorded various tracks with them individually. After five years interchangeable artist, Empier stuck with their core members.


In 2012, the group decided to change their name. Babyboy, TBronz, Docman, and JK decided to rename the group Empier Entertainment. Their reasoning for renaming the group is that they felt JHC was behind them, and that they needed to start fresh. The name is derived from the English spelling Empire. The group claims that Empier is the French version of the word. Their idea behind it is that they want to be different.


In the winter of 2012, Empier Ent was gearing up for the first major release Its Just Different. The mixtape was their first project to release commercially. The mixtape featured former Empier artist CED. In 2014, Empier decided to make a follow-up to the release which featured newly signed Meetchie. Empier signed their latest artist Jay Shalé in 2013. She has since then been featured with multiple Empier artist, and released her debut EP More Than Love.


In 2015 Empier Entertainment released their debut LP Studio X. The album features 15 full length tracks from everyone on the roster. Empier Entertainment has been on two tours and performed during the 2015 BET Awards.


Empier artist are currently gearing up to drop their debut solo albums.

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