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Docman and Meetchie bring the heat with new "Predator" diss

This week Meetch and Docman are prey-ing for the competition to come their way (yea, pun intended). Introducing their new track "Predators," these Empier spittas are firing shots and no one's safe - including Lo Squared and Chris Landry.

According to Docman, Empier artists have an appetite for any rappers who can't take the heat. The 21-year-old says they are building a legacy and must let the entire industry know exactly who they are.

"These hungry kids from around the way that don't have anything else but music to help us eat," said Docman, "and we will take out anyone that is hindering that process."

Lametria Sewell, better known as Empier's Meetchie, says this track is much more than a classic diss track. This one has absolutely no reservations.

"It's me and Doc calling them out on everything from stealing lyrics to false claiming," said Meetchie. There's one thing this fiery Louisianian has made on thing clear for anyone coming Empier's way.

"We didn't hold anything back on this track," she said. "It sends the message that this isn't a game anymore and we're going for everybody's head."

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