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Empier's JK takes us behind the lyrics

Empier artist JK has found music to be more than slick rhymes and bad beats. For the southside Houston native, his artistry is inspired by his daily struggles and life experiences.

His Leave Me Alone ballad takes listeners into a time when he needed quality time with just himself and his music.

"I would tell anyone listening to this song that my outlet comes from personal time with myself," JK said. "So they can find another outlet for themselves through this song."

"It's an easy listen song about sex," said JK.

According to the young artist, his music spans different topics and styles, and it will never stop growing.

"I want to transition from making music with strong statements to opening my world to people and letting them see it through my eyes."

As always, don't forget to Tweet @EmpierJK and the entire Empier family!

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