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Almost time for the Darkside

Earlier this year, Docman released Kill the Bizarre PRIDE 4 U, a 5-track EP highlighting the struggles between music beef and relationship problems. It was his first release since REVENGE back in March of 2017. This time around, he's with all the smoke.

His new EP is titled after artist that he has had problems with in the past. Chris Landry just released an EP called Sacrifices; that is the title of this EP's first track. 27 is a failed release from Lo Squared, Vasi is the name of Mark Battles group (Jay Shale is the newest member to that group). Sedne Lacy Two is directly named after failed singer-songwriter, Sedne Lacy.

The EP features a more upbeat and commercial feel than Kill the Bizarre PRIDE 4 U did. From the east coast vibe on Vasi to the party-reggae feel on Sedne Lacy Two, this EP appeals to a wide range of music listeners. The EP also features two artist Docman has worked with in the past. Haeden has worked with Docman before on his 2013 single Pyramids. JAYC and Docman worked together back in 2010 to release an underground mixtape called DOAM (Death of a Mixtape).

The EP is set to release March 30th on all digital retailers.

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