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Be The Queen of All Hearts

Docman is back in action with his new single Queen of All Hearts (feat. Victroy Jones). The track is about a time when Docman was forced to choose between his relationship or music. In the song, Docman uses a woman as the metaphor for music. Docman and this woman have been friend since they were younger, so the relationship they have is hard for anybody to compete with. He gets into a serious situation down the road with another woman and she doesn't understand the relationship Docman has with the woman he was friends with since he was younger (this being music) so she goes off and cheats.

The song was previously featured on Docman's last full length LP called I'm Leaving: A Story Narrated by ilunaee. The album did very well due to the lead single Love Hate Thing. The album manage to gain 50,000 streams on Spotify, being his biggest accomplishment to date.

The track was produced by Florida based producer, Ke Yano$. Ke Yano$ has produced for kehlani and Ye Ali. The song was mixed by Docman at Empier Studios and mastered by Steve at Sage Audio.

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