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Stiff Mini Movie-Music Video

After building a buzz on the single Stiff, Empier decided to drop a music video. The video is a mini movie-music video that is inspired by Belly’s intro. In the video Docman and Empier Ent kill Sedne Lacy. Sedne Lacy is the sister of the opposing family. Sedne decides to go to the party and realizes it was a mistake. She gets set up by Docman. They lure her into a private room and kill her.

This video adds fuel to the Docman vs Everybody fire. Taking shots at Jay Shalé and Sedne Lacy, some ask if he is taking it too far by killing them in the video. Docman seems to not think so. This stems from Jay Shalé I unexpectedly cancelling her Houston show that Docman lost a lot of money on.

The video was directed by Q Guyton of wasted minds. He is coming off of the success of Cold Summer, a joint project with Houston star, Doughbeezy. Docman saw the film and was convinced Q Guyton was the guy to handle production of Stiff.

The video is set to drop October 29th during Empier Week Vol. 3.

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