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First Look At Meetchie

Meetchie has been around the Empier camp since late 2012. In her time, she has contributed to numerous projects. Providing verses and hooks has made her a go to on the label. She released a freestyle to Queen Latifahs hit track U.N.I.T.Y. Her first appearance in a video was Docman’s single, Illusions. Her second appearance was an Empier track called Going In.

The director of this video is Docman. Docman has had his hnd in videography as well as the music. He is behind 100% of the visuals pertaining to Empier Entertainment. All of the album covers, social media designs, and photography was handled by him. He outsourced for his video to Love Hate Thing to IYO Visuals.

This track is also featured on Empier Ent’s latest playlist called The Untouchable Empier…

Check out the video below.

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