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Docman Live

On September 30th, Docman got the opportunity to open for major recording artist YG. The crowd absolutely loved Docman. It was Docman’s best show as he gained many fans.

Docman performed two songs from his debut album, Love Hate Thing and I Need You. He was suppose to perform Talk All You Want with Empier Ent, but due to Scoremore downsizing the venue, the stage wasn’t big enough for the group to do their biggest song to date.

The crowd ate up Docman’s performance. Some YG fans were even saying his performance was better then YG’s. Docman definitely has a bright future ahead of him. On October 28th, Docman is opening for 2 Chainz and DJ Esco at The Ayva Center in Houston, TX. Things can only get better from here.

Listen to Docman’s latest album, I’m Leaving: A Story Narrated by ilunaee, HERE

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