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10,000 Views on YouTube

Love Hate Thing has gained Docman a nice buzz in the past 2 months. With the song reaching 72,000 plays on Soundcloud, people were wondering if a video was going to come short after. After many delays, the video finally received a release date of June 1st. As promised, the video came out June 1st to YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

After 10 days of being released, the video has reached 10,450 views, 260 likes, 100 comments, and ZERO dislikes on YouTube. The last video from Docman to go 10,000 views was Last Move. Feedback from fans has been great! Everyone seemed to be pleased with the visuals shot by Chill and IYO Visuals.

Watch the video below and tweet Docman (@EmpierDoc) what you think about the video.

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