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Veni Vidi isn’t Over!

Back in February, Docman dropped his second full length album called Veni Vidi. The project features Piif Jones, Jazz Anderson, Yung Al, Haeden, and Jazzy D. So far, Veni Vidi has received positive reviews from fans.  

The album has birthed 2 videos so far; Stoopid featuring Piif Jones and Friends. On Facebook, Friends reached 35k views. Now, Docman is releasing another video from the album. I’m Alive is a video depicting Docman and Babyboy roughing up an undercover cop. The beginning video features an excerpt from Huey Newton (Founder of the Black Panther Party). The video was directed by Javi of Vier Films. It is set to release June 19th, but is available on the Leverage merchandise website.   

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