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Movie Time!

The evolution of Empier Entertainment has been very interesting to watch. Last year, each artist on the label released some music and had their own headlining concert. Yeah this is mandatory for a release, but in the case of Empier Entertainment being such a new label, this is a great feat. This year, the label is going to begin production on their first short film.

Studio X was an album released by the label back in 2015. It featured songs like Talk All You Want, Work Pt, 2, and Me and You featuring Jay Shalé. Now, they are going to turn the album into a short film. Docman wrote a script for the film that he posted on his personal Facebook page a couple months ago.

As of now, the only information we have for the movie is that the script is finished. They will begin the casting call soon, but no specific day.

Listen to Studio X!

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