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Empier Ent Takes Shots

Between the party feel and the heavy trap bass, it's easy to tune out the lyrics. On Summ'n gives you that feel until you get to verse 2. Docman throws shots at two artist that used to be apart of the Empier camp, Jay Shalé and Lo Squared.

The beef with Jay Shalé started over a money dispute. Jay Shalé canceled a concert back in 2015 that cost Empier Entertainment $2500 in potential profits. Since then, Docman has been sending constant insults in his songs aimed at her.

Lo Squared and Docman's relationship turned ugly back in 2013. The problem came from a "he say, she say" situation, but was later resolved. 2 years after the initial resolution, the two seen each other and exchanged words. Since that encounter, the two have never officially resolved their issues and continue to trade shots on records.

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