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Automatic Gunfire Personal Review

Automatic Gunfire is 4-track EP from Empier Ent that has a mixture of good vibes, party influence, and street flavor. The name comes from a 2003 G-Unit mixtape called Automatic Gunfire. Every artist of Empier Entertainment is present on this project.

The EP consist of tracks that didn't make the cut for The Family (a project scrapped in 2016, but could be found on their SoundCloud). Although they are tracks from 2 years ago, you can still hear the growth from their last commercial release, Studio X. The tracks are mixed and mastered better; the delivery from the artist is stronger; and the transitions between the tracks are more crisp.

There is growth, but these are still old tracks from 2 years ago. Also, the project is enjoyable to listen to, but it's too short. With a total run time of 24 minutes, the project feels quick. The group is currently recording for their second full length album set to drop in late July.

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