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the Bizarre PRIDE

This past Saturday (1/27/18), Docman released his new EP called Kill the Bizarre PRIDE 4 U. The 5-track project was an introductory into what Docman has planned for 2018. Docman has released two videos for the project; the Bizarre and PRIDE.

The Bizarre is about Docman’s past relationship interfering with his current one. The video is directed by Galexy M83i. The video features an appearance from Chinnk (@_chinnkk_). The video is currently sitting at 8k views.

Shot and Directed by Q Guyton, PRIDE is a dark but energetic masterpiece. The video features Docman is a dark warehouse with TBronz going crazy behind PRIDE. Out of the two video’s, PRIDE has seen more success, reaching 13k views on YouTube. The only other video high then that is Love Hate Thing with 24k views.

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