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The Untouchable Empier...

Empier recently dropped a new playlist via SoundCloud called The Untouchable Empier… The playlist features old tracks from the Empier roster along with Stiff.

The cover of the playlist depicts Empier Ent with Jay Shalé and Sedne Lacy’s faces crosses out with a red X. This is a continuation of the feud between them. People are starting to wonder if they will take any shots back.

The tracklist for the playlist:

  1. Stiff (Empier Ent)

  2. I Need You (Docman)

  3. Adjust Yourself (Meetchie)

  4. OhKay (JK)

  5. Love Hate Thing (Docman)

  6. The Little Things (feat. Krissy) [JK]

  7. No Fucks Given (Empier Ent)

  8. Talk All You Want (Empier Ent)

  9. U. N. I. T. Y. Freestyle (Meetchie)

  10. Bahm Bahm (feat. LaDiamond Blue) [Docmam]

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