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20,000 Mark

Love Hate Thing is a song highlighting the pros and cons of woman. Docman puts a special light on African-American woman. He says his reason for this is because he wants his woman to be more of the center in his music.

The video was directed by Chill of IYo Visuals. Chill has had his hand on a lot of big projects. He is currently shooting a short film for Kirko Bangz.

Love Hate Thing is the lead single from Docman’s latest effort, I’m Leaving: A Story Narrated by ilunaee. The album did fairly well compared to all of his other projects. The progress was definitely there. The album is like watching a movie in song format.

Docman is currently working on a new song called Trifling featuring Kylah Dawn, JK, and Jazzy D.

Watch the video below

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