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JK GREY Wednesdays

G.R.E.Y. Wednesday's

Every Wednesday, JK is releasing a track from his upcoming project G.R.E.Y. Here he will give you the meaning of each song to give you more insight on his new projcet.

JK - Bring Your Friends (feat. Babyboy)

She is the song for a girl named her. The song is about the life of a young girl living through the adolescent times of her life. The life of a young girl trying to become a grown woman.

JK - Bring Your Friends (feat. Babyboy)

The Little Things is a warm smooth song about the ups and downs of a dysfunctional relationship. The song reminds you that when you fall out and don't understand why you haven't walked away from your partner, that the small things keep you together.

JK - Bring Your Friends (feat. Babyboy)

Bring your friends is a light hearted song about a woman who is deserving of an uplifting. The woman has been through tough times and needs to have a good time so JK and Babyboy invite her to a party. The song was written for women who make a difference and don't get the recognition that they deserve.

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