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Get Ready for MORE!

After the success of the last show (1/27/18), the staff at PLUGGED have decided to book 3 more shows. Ryan, the president of plugged, only expected 40 people to show up to the event. At the end of the night, that number turned out to be 125.

PLUGGED currently has 3 more shows lined up; February 16th, March 24th, and April 27th . The February show will be in Houston, the March 24th show will be in Dallas, and the April show will be in Indianapolis.

Since PLUGGED is a subsidiary company under Empier Publishing Worldwide, it would only make sense to see Empier artist on the shows. Each show is going to be the unofficial release event for their project. DJ Roybass will be performing on the February show, Meetchie will perform for the March show, and Babyboy will perform for the April show.

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