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Docman vs Everybody

Everything always starts out great. Dope records are made and friendships are created. This is the case for Jay Shalé and Sedne Lacy when it comes to Empier. Docman gave Jay Shalé the opportunity to make an impact in the music industry. He taught her a lot of the basics every artist needs to know to be successful. The relationship they built was so strong to where they worked a record deal between the two. In 2015, they released her debut ep entitled More Than Love. The EP was written by Docman, JK, and Meetchie. With Sedne Lacy, the relationship was short lived. Docman reached out to Sedne about doing music together. After many meetings, the two decided to make a deal happen.

In the summer of 2016, Empier Entertainment was on fire. Jk went on tour, Babyboy did sold out shows, and Docman dropped his debut album, along with sold out shows. Next in line was Jay Shalé. Docman booked Jay Shalé a show in Houston, TX. Jay Shalé cancelled the show costing Docman thousands of dollars. After that situation, Docman released Jay Shalé from the label. Throughout the last months of there tenure, Docman and Jay Shalé have not been Seeing eye to eye. Her cancelling the show was the breaking-point for Docman.

Sedne Lacy has been in many contractual situations. When she was you get she was apart of a girl group called Hi Riz. Due to her inability to cooperate within the group, she was kicked out the group. Her problem with Docman is similar. Docman had a ton of ventures planned for the singer, but she would constantly give him the run around. Missed recording sessions, lack of loyalty, and dishonesty grew a resentment between her and the rest of the artist on Empier Entertainment. After 3 months on the label, Docman denounced her from the group via twitter.

In September, Docman took to twitter to express how he feels about Jay Shalé, Sedne Lacy, Chris Landry, and Lo Squared. Lashing out at them, his counterparts decided to fire back.

Empier Entertainment plans on dropping a group EP called The Family in December. Docman tells us that the EP contains numerous shots at Jay Shalé, Sedne Lacy, Lo Squared, and Chris Landry from everyone in the group. Empier recently dropped the first single from the EP called Stiff. The single showed impressive numbers on Audiomack charting as high as #29. The song features a verse from Docman talking about Jay Shalé’s inability to have success after leaving the label. Empier ENT recently shot a video to the single set to drop October 29th. In the video, they have a Sedne Lacy look-a-lot getting seduced by Babyboy and then later getting killed.

Will this problem grow bigger than what it has to be? Will other parties get involved? All we can do is sit back and wait.

Listen to Stiff below.

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