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Jay Shalé talks more than music

The beauty in music can be found in the variety of sounds it brings to ears from all walks of life. Empier's Jay Shalé says her sound is a a nice medley of Pop and R&B.

"I'm in the process of trying to find my niche with my music and learning a lot about myself and tying that to my music," said Jay Shale, who currently resides in Indianapolis. Without a doubt, her lyrics sing diaries of emotions and life situations she has been through.

"I mostly outline different relationship ups and downs that I've experienced, especially with the material I've recently been working on," she said.

Speaking of her accomplishments, Jay Shalé recently received her own Pandora station, which features tracks from her debut EP "More Than Love." What are Jay Shalé's favorites on the album?

"Oh man, I'm stuck between 'More Than Love' and 'Hungover'," she said. According to Jay, she brings a softer side to Empier and the contrast in her music compliments her rapping counterparts.

Her lighter comical side is showed on her YouTube channel, which features her commentary on different topics and various covers. For Jay, she says this channels is an opportunity for her fans to connect with her outside of the music.

"When people listen to me, I want them to wonder what my personality is like."

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